Orion Development is a newly established construction and development company, which aims to establish new technologies on the Georgian market and develop innovative residential and commercial real estate. Each project is developed by a highly qualified team and takes into account all possible needs of customers. Our company offers its clients high quality, energy-efficient complexes that are created in partnership with leading European suppliers.

Orion Development not only aims to create residential and commercial spaces but also strives for establishing an environment where quality and new technologies are in harmony with the needs of its customers.

The company was established in 2018 and its team is composed of highly qualified professionals. It is exactly the young team and the partners that determine establishment of new technologies on the market, financial sustainability of the company and supply of each project with leading high-end European construction materials.

Orion Landmark is the multi-functional, energy-efficient Premium Class apartment complex, located at Chavchavadze avenue. The apartment complex is built on the piles and only the best quality construction materials were used – reinforcement fittings produced by “GeoSteel” company, concrete produced by German brand “Heidelberg” company and energy-efficient iso and aeroblocks produced by the “Bedegi” company.
23 level apartment complex includes not only apartments’ area, but also 4 level parking area with car elevator produced by “Kleemann” company, comfortable lobby – finished with high quality Italian brand flagstones “Laminam” and timber materials produced by “Lignotube” company, two passengers’ elevators produced by “Mitsubishi Electric”, car wash, coffee-bar and as the most important part high choice of alternative light-full apartments with panoramic views.
Complex exterior is finished with aerated, energy-efficient flagstones of Austrian brand “Fundermax”, which are insulated with mineral wool produced by the “Rockwool” company. Complex external aluminum windows and doors system are produced by German brand “Schüco” and low emissivity tempered glass of French brand “Saint Gobain”. Apartments’ complex is located downtown, its location to the recreation zone and the best views are only the minor advantages of this Premium Class residential complex…
“Orion Landmark” offers its residents the concierge, technician, valet-parking and 24/7 security services. The apartments are delivered to the customers in so called green frame conditions, that imply the following – external aluminum windows and doors system produced by German brand “Schüco” and low emissivity tempered glass of French brand “Saint Gobain”, individual boiler heating system of French brand “De Dietrich” – with sectional heat-exchanging radiators and “Poujoulat” central brand fume duct, European production electric wiring by “Tesla Cables”, “Schneider” and “Elan” companies – as well as low-voltage wiring for TV, internet and phone, plumbing installed at the relevant water closets places – German brand “Aquatherm” water supply ducts and noiseless “Valsir” brand sewer drain ducts, European modern firearm system, floor covered with concrete screed and plastered walls made by German brand “Knauf” materials, prepared and ready for painting works, “Mitsubishi Electric” brand split conditioning system, terrace made with “BTS Aluminum” brand glass handrail, finished with frost-resistant granite, “Commax” video-audio entrance door intercom and European production iron entrance door.
Project construction works will be completed at the end of 2019.

Orion Development cooperates with global leaders and producers of façade materials, electronics, windows, doors and other construction materials. During the development of ORION LANDMARK, out company cooperated with the following companies: